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  1. 20+ Years of Success
    Crossroads was founded by Cynthia Lowe in February of 1997. She sensed the need for an institution that focused on educating students who learned in a variety of ways and speeds. The first year Crossroads graduated 7 students; as of 2019 we have graduated over 4000.
  2. Adult Education Program
    We are proud to offer a program which allows a person who has never obtained a fully accredited high school diploma the opportunity to do so. Ages 16-74 have successfully graduated with us; join this ever growing group of graduates who didn't give up.
  3. Small Classes
    Small classes are maintained so that the teacher can give each student the attention they need to be successful.
  4. Individual Attention
    An individualized curriculum is offered to meet the needs of students with a variety of learning styles and abilities.
  5. Learning Differences
    We also focus on students with learning differences such as gifted, ADD, ADHD, Dyslexia, slow learner or below grade level.
  6. Fully Accredited
    We are fully accredited with the National Association of Private Schools and the National Private Schools Accreditation Group.
A Look Into Crossroads
  1. Kaci resting between rounds
    Kaci resting between rounds
  2. Donnijah photobombed by Christian
    Donnijah photobombed by Christian
  3. Kyla looking beautiful
    Kyla looking beautiful
  4. Autumn, our Autumn
    Autumn, our Autumn
  5. Hanging with the kiddos
    Hanging with the kiddos
  6. Birthday Boy, Eduardo
    Birthday Boy, Eduardo
  7. Calvin being pacified
    Calvin being pacified
  8. Just a few of the gang
    Just a few of the gang
  9. The Boss
    The Boss
  10. Young, Wild & Free
    Young, Wild & Free
  11. What a crew?
    What a crew?
  12. Prissy & Renee
    Prissy & Renee
  13. Happy birthday to you
    Happy birthday to you
  14. Parents chatting it up
    Parents chatting it up
  15. Mrs. Roberts
    Mrs. Roberts
  16. Mrs. Costilla
    Mrs. Costilla
  17. Ms. Smith shaking a tail feather
    Ms. Smith shaking a tail feather
  18. Mrs. Smith is all smiles
    Mrs. Smith is all smiles
Mrs. Lowe -- Owner/Director, HIgh School Studies​​​
Mr. Lowe -- Assist. Director, Accounting
Mrs. Amanda -- Admin. Assist., Event Coordinator
                     Ms. Priscilla -- Elementary, High School English/Science, Middle School English, Event Coord.
Miss Renee -- Elementary Math, Spelling, Art & PE
Mr. Juan -- Middle School Studies, Electives, Spanish, Mentor
Mr. Hamilton -- MIddle/HIgh School Math & Science
Mr. Jimmy -- Teacher's Aide, Photography
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Amanda Price -- 214.505.4645

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