What is Adult Education and can it help you?
Don't settle for dropping out, or just missing the STAAR Test by a few points

-- WE HAVE ANSWERS!  The work is done off campus at your own pace, but we offer any additional help you may need.

The program provides a quick, inexpensive alternative to a GED.  You will walk away with a high school diploma that is fully accredited by the NPSAG and the NAPS.  We have proudly helped over 1400 people get on with their life; with a diploma in hand and a smile in their heart.

The process is EASY, FAST AND ALLOWS NO ROOM FOR FAILURE!  YOUR SUCCESS IS OUR BUSINESS!  It's time to "REINVENT" your future. Be what you are meant to be.

The cost is $600.00 for ages 17 and older.  This can be made in payments; with a deposit of $250.  A $45 cap and gown fee will also be due prior to graduation.  

If you are 16 years of age the fee is $750.00 This is  due in full at the time of enrollment.  This fee does include the cap and gown for graduation.

Ages 16-21 are REQUIRED to participate in the graduation ceremony.  Ages 22+ have the option to participate in the graduation ceremony.

We enroll year round for graduates.  This diploma is good for college, work, military or simply self satisaction.  

"There are 100 ways to get from point A to point B; don't stop if the first way doesn't get you there.”
Dr. Cynthia Lowe, PHD

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